I must start by saying that I have the privilege and honour of having this artist as a personal friend of mine. During my days in which I was an audio professor, I had the amazing pleasure to work alongside this brilliant musician. And it was there that I witnessed his brilliance, as he used every break and every chance he had to work on his music.

Creating music from nothing is an amazing art, and something that we all admire. But Dualib makes music in a way you cannot teach, or learn. You either know or not. Imagine a great restaurant chef, and in front of him he has an infinite number of ingredients. It takes a true artist to combine them and create exquisite moments. And much like a chef triggers our pallets, Dualib can create an ambiance for your ears and mind that will take your breath away (almost all five senses there).

The ability to combine samples from existing music and unique creative beats is his strong point. On his latest EP, launched in 2016, he mixes samples with elements of hip-hop, bass, flowing synthesisers and pianos.

In this EP, called “Auroras“, composed of 4 songs, it kicks off with a music called “Morning Sex”. A smooth and cool hip-hop beat, created mainly by the steady rhythm of bass drum and snare, combined with a beautiful piano. It all makes up for a sexy song, in perfect sync with its title.

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