The brilliant, amazing trio from Ohio, USA is back again! August 24 marks a new release by the incredible band Fashion Week – their new single “Dark Of The Cinema”.

Starting with a quick-pace guitar and kick drums marking the steady rhythm, joined soon by a bass with a heavy drive effect, the first few bars of this track reminds me of a composition by U2.

But as soon as vocals join in, you are back to Fashion Week, and their unique style, created by the beautiful blend of their influences.

Fashion Week always marks me as a band with brilliant lyrics, always telling a story. I’ve questioned in the past how much it’s biographical. And this song is no different. A story of unrequited love, of a kiss that wasn’t intentional, of watching your love with someone else.

I absolutely love how in the main sections of the song, the deep sound of the bass and its effects carry the track, underlined by amazing drums and a powerful voice.

It’s hard not to enjoy every single track from this band, and I’m always happy when a new song comes out! I can’t wait for a new album!