Fashion Week

First of all – I love a band with a great name! And this band has a great name. Fashion Week! It is one of those names that just click. You instantly can resonate with the band.

With three EPs out and a fantastic new single (which is the subject of this review) out, this Ohio-based band really has an amazing collection of songs. And at a first listen, I was immediately hooked by the quality of their lyrics.

There are songs out there in which you listen to, and the lyrics fit the melody. But with Fashion Week, their lyrics all tell a story. So they work the other way around in which the melody fits the lyrics. Which is amazing! It reminds me so much of Brazilian songwriters – as well as other Latin-based lyrics since they’re so well suited for poetry.

And their lyrics are so relatable that you almost feel like they are a soundtrack to your life.

From their EP Darker Things, the song “Art School” talks about regrets of not chasing your dreams, of having a steady life of work and paychecks, while you daydream of Art School. The song “Beautiful Mess” from their Murfreesboro EP shows how some of us are happy just “colouring outside the lines” – a beautiful metaphor for happiness and life does not mean perfection or living as others expect you to.

Their influences are very visible through their songs, with bands such as Portugal, The Man, as well as Radiohead and David Bowie. Listening to their song “Oxygen”, the final guitar solo reminds me so much of Johnny Greenwood’s guitar from Radiohead.

It is a band so good to listen, you find yourself quickly singing along to their lyrics – but not in that annoying way when you have a song stuck in your head, but rather, happily remembering how close their lyrics tell your story.

Speaking of great lyrics, let’s get to their latest single – “Scars”. Here is another great example of a song that tells a story. With a chorus reminding us to “enjoy your scars”, this song tells how we all go through things, we all have issues that are part of who we are, if we caused it or not, if we chose or it was chosen. We all have our own scars, and we should be proud of them because they tell us who we are. As painful as they might be.

All of this beautiful story is revolved around a great melody that embodies influences from bands such as Arcade Fire and even Portugal, The Man.

I cannot wait for Fashion Week to launch their upcoming EP, which “Scars” is part of. It sounds incredibly promising. And I can only hope for a visit to the UK. I’m sure a gig here in London would be an instant hit. So any show promoter out there – don’t miss out!