Fashion Week

What a pleasure. Having the opportunity to review such an amazing band so soon. And not only because I feel privileged to write about this great band, but I’m extremely excited about the fact that they have new music out!

Last year I wrote a review on Fashion Week’s single “Scars”. It is a brilliant song about how our personal scars shape who we are.

I’ve recently found out that this single has played over 70,000 on Spotify. So if you haven’t listened (or read the review for that matter) be sure to do that as soon as you are done with this review and new song.

Original from Columbus, Ohio, the trio that composes this amazing band called Fashion Week has released four EP’s so far – including “Murfreesboro“, which has played in college radios across the United States. Not to mention the fact that they have shared the stage with bands such as The Social Animals, Michigander and Vesperteen.

Fashion Week
Fashion Week – Photo by Jared Hevron

Today they release a brand new song, called “Tell Me Something“, which I’m incredibly excited to talk about.

A paced bass with a strong drive effect, a large room voice and after a few bars, a keyboard comes in to set the mood. Immediately I see how perfect this song is for a walk. By myself or sharing a pair of headphones with my favourite person (what do you think, Raquel Sol, a.k.a The London Ginger?).

Slowly a drum starts to appear, but it maintains the same steady pace as the bass. The guitar completes the scenery with gorgeous chords at first. Soon they become soothing notes – just before the songs makes its way to the final push. Heavy guitars, bass and drums bring the song to that almost orchestral and powerfully-driven end – leaving room for a full circle as the bass guitars give its final notes, the same way as the song starts.

I’ve said in my previous review that one of my favourite aspects of Fashion Week are lyrics. All of their songs tell a story. And this song is no different.

Through its verses and chorus, Fashion Week calls out: “Tell me something good, Tell me something true“, and many other invitations and/or requests. But what I find most beautiful are the parts where they leave the final word out – the actual request, calling out just the song’s title.

“Tell me something…”.

It leaves room for us as listeners to picture our lives. What we expect of others, what they expect from us, and we expect from ourselves. That is my view at least.

This is yet another amazing composition by an already incredible band. I can’t wait for the next songs to come out – and I sincerely hope this is only the beginning of a brilliant EP or album.