Do you own a vinyl player? Or even a CD player (which can be enough in our recent streaming era)? Please take some time out of your day and listen to this album from start to finish! And I am not saying to do this while you run or cook – leave multitasking aside and throughly listen to this album. For it is an experience. To be true, this experience can be said about any of Florence and The Machine’s albums. But this one in particular, it takes music to another level (yet again).The brilliance, the treble, the movement and the beauty of Florence Welch’s voice is something that is truly illuminating. Her music makes you stop and listen, without even noticing.

Right from its first seconds, the music captivates, brilliantly composed and arranged, in such a way that the album feels like a dance performance. It moves.

Immediately the first song “Ship Wreck” is a perfect start to the album – a proper introduction with kick and grip, just enough to lead you to the second song, and one of the main singles “What Kind Of Man”, which is embellished by the voice work, percussion and guitar riffs. Not to mention that it is a song that is worth watching the music video – the body movement included is a key part and gives even a more profound meaning to the song.

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