Ghostly Beard

How can I express the happiness of once again being able to review a track for such a brilliant musician that is Patrick Talbot – a.k.a. Ghostly Beard? This artist and friend (I hope he allows me to say this because he has been incredibly nice when we talk online), is such a great multi-instrumentalist that it’s an honour being able to review his work.

In his own words, Patrick describes himself as a “Montreal, Canada based 50 years-old beard flaunting man”. And his genre of music is so brilliant and varied, mixing soft rock, jazz. prog-rock, fusion, pop, classic rock and many others, that his music travels through many elements creating a complete and perfect unit.

Although I have been delayed by my personal life, I have had the pleasure of listening so many times to his latest singles – “It’s a Hurt”, “Tell Me” and “Papercut” – all of which are now part of who I am. So I decided to make a full review of his latest material because I cannot miss out on talking about a single track this man releases. 

Its A Hurt
Cover of “It’s a Hurt” single

I will start from his latest track – “It’s a Hurt” because I fell in love with its complexity so much, and the depth of the lyrics, that I must begin here.

The inspiration behind this track was the thought that love is a dangerous thing – in some cases benign (a reference here to “Papercut”, which I will get to in a few paragraphs), and in others, love can hurt or cut like a razor blade. Patrick mentions how he had Occam’s Razor in mind, and how, with love, in many cases, we are living on the edge of it.

The track begins with the crisp vinyl crackling sound. The bass riff carries this track along, followed by a “complex by its own simplicity” drum track, with a series of ghost notes, adding to the jazz and fusion elements of this brilliant artist. Not to mention the gorgeous keyboard, which once again reminds me so much of one of my favourite artists in the genre, “Ed Motta”.

Cover of “Tell Me” single

Tell Me” highlights Ghostly Beard’s talents in the soft rock and classic rock area, starting with a piano track and guitar that reminds me so much of some of the greatest slow songs from the Beatles, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The lyrics here bring to mind a man searching for answers while the world twists around him, knocking him down.

Papercut”, which I mentioned above, is the benign element of love, according to Ghostly Beard. And the style of this track already portrays the happier side of the blade. With a double bass as the main element of the track, this jazzy track is amazing as it combines the double bass with an overdrive guitar sound. It has such groovy and uplifting rhythm, that you can’t help but bounce your head to it.

Cover of “Papercut” single

Patrick is not only an exceptional musician but is a strong advocate of independent artists everywhere. And he also talks a lot about music production – and that not only includes his blog, but also his YouTube Channel where he has his music videos, as well as a series of videos where he deconstructs a series of incredible tracks throughout music history. If you’re passionate about music or interested in music production, it is absolutely worth watching.

I always finish saying this, but I cannot wait for new material from this amazing artist. Keep creating this magical art.