Music is such a beautiful thing. And I’ve said that before in other reviews. Sometimes you’re born with such passion for it, that no matter what happens in life, it will always be there with you. But when you have the privilege of writing reviews about indie artists, it’s impossible to describe how beautiful it is to get a glimpse into their passion. And it reminds me of how music connects people, dreams, passion – and connects all of us.

Gregory Hurley is a man with a passion for music. His debut album “Seafoam” was born in his home studio, where, much like another amazing artist – Ghostly Beard – Gregory recorded the entire album by himself. Trust me, with this knowledge, you will listen to the album in a whole new way. Every note was carefully composed, and I can only imagine how complex it must be to record every aspect of an album. There is so much love and dedication built in here.

This is an artist that made sure he was always in touch with music – ever since he got his first guitar from his brother, Gregory has been playing music. Even when he couldn’t play full-time, he made sure to fit music into his life every opportunity he had. And through his lyrics, he reminds us to never give up our dreams!

The album kicks off with “Be with You” – and you can instantly feel Gregory’s classic rock influence. The mood created by a perfect guitar slider opens the door for a chorus that is complemented by almost “ghost notes” on the keyboard, filling the gaps so beautifully that you can listen how every aspect of this song is orchestrated. And, I should also say that his use of very short pauses just after the chorus reminds me of some of the music from the 70s.

All Your Life”, the second song of this incredible album, I can notice some influence from Deep Purple. The song it’s mostly composed of a bass guitar, drums and keyboard layer, setting a perfect rhythm for the rock chorus, where Gregory brings in his guitar accompanied by amazing positive lyrics – “All your life / You have nothing to fear” – he reminds us.

Gregory M. Hurley
Gregory M. Hurley

By the way, one thing I have yet to mention, but it’s common throughout Gregory’s album, are the guitar solos. Each solo is better than the last. And it’s beautiful to imagine how each one was carefully composed and arranged.

True Love” is the first slow song. Again, moved by bass and keyboards, there is a romantic mood attached to this track. And my favourite part of this song is the small interlude before the guitar solo. There is some intense percussion, and it slightly reminds me of Toto.

Seafoam” is the title track of this album. What I found amazing and intriguing about this song is the guitar effect and percussion. To me, the movement of this effect creates an almost wave-like sensation – a back-and-forth that keeps the song in perpetual motion. This song is purely instrumental, creating an almost intermission on the album, preparing the listener for part II.

South of Here” is a song that has perfect pauses and broken tempos. It’s one of those songs that it almost feels like it started in the middle. And I love this sensation. And it’s such a brilliant curation to add this song after an instrumental section. I don’t need to mention again how amazing is the solo, but what impressed me was the complex drum session that is underneath.

The first thing you will notice about the next song – “Wiggle Room” – is the storm sound that kicks off the song. It initially feels like a purely classic rock song, but very soon you get the vibe – blues! This quick, slight shift is brilliant!

Pick It Up” has such beautiful lyrics! As I have mentioned in many reviews, a lot (A LOT!) of music is composed of everyday stories and struggles. And I feel like this song gives a small look into Gregory’s life. Don’t give up, find your passion and give your all. Almost an anthem for every struggling person out there. It goes beyond music. It talks about life.

Where You’re At” has also a blues vibe, this time reminding me of Eric Clapton. Every chorus is underlined by a short solo. The guitar sound on this track is absolutely perfect! And if there is one thing I love in classic rock is when a song ends with a solo. And this one is now added to the list of one of my favourites.

I absolutely love the vocals and orchestrated sections on “Hold On Tight” – the voice is overdubbed in many sections, creating this amazing vibe of classic rock of the 60’s and 70’s.

Finally, “You’re You” has a slow start. Again it feels like it’s heading in one direction. But in just a few bars, it kicks off with as classic rock as it can get. Such a perfect way to close an album – upbeat and leave the listeners wanting more.

As I said in the beginning, it’s amazing to get a small glimpse into this amazing artist’s life. I hope he continues to build on this dream and releases even more songs. I’ll be sure to keep an eye (or ear?), to any new releases!