Harry Styles

In 2011 I was still living in Brazil – still living my young life at age 24, and yet questioning who where those kids singing “What Makes You Beautiful” everywhere I went or radio station I tuned on.

Having lived through the peak era of boy bands during my teens (and jealous of all the attention girls where giving to them – I won’t lie), I thought this format was long gone. And yet, as I listened to that song from One Direction – one the first times in fact – I remember saying “this one here has an amazing talent. Out of all of them he is the one I will expect great things from” – and that member was Harry Styles.

Harry Styles has recently released the first single of his upcoming album – a song called “Sign Of The Times”. While I don’t agree with the position some reviews have given to him, as being a possible “new David Bowie”, the inspiration is undeniable. But not only from David Bowie. The song has also elements of Pink Floyd, The Doors, and many others.

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