Hydra Lerna

One the most incredible aspects of doing what do is the privilege of following up close the independent music market and artists. It is truly beautiful to see the unity, and how they actively help each other through online posts, recommendations, retweets, shares, likes and so many forms of active engagement.

 And it was through this incredible power of love and music that I got the opportunity to listen for the first time to Hydra Lerna. What started as a recommendation from a brilliant singer and songwriter I’ve had the honour to review here, Natalie Lucie, that Hydra and I got in touch and I had the benefit of listening to her beautiful music.

Writer and producer of her own music, Hydra plays electro/pop/indie songs with such profound layers, that her music has captivated me as it travels through so many styles and periods.

Although the main subject of this review is her latest single “In The Dark”, I couldn’t miss the chance of listening to her previous music – especially her self-entitled EP “Hydra Lerna”.

I was amazed at her talents as a musician. As I’ve said in previous reviews, artists that play different instruments and are able to produce themselves, only adds to the layer of genius they already portray with their music. And that is the case with Hydra. A musician who not only sings beautifully, but also plays the harp and piano, in her EP she highlights her ability to create gorgeous landscapes.

And in her latest single. “In The Dark”, she takes production to another lever. While maintaining a very contemporary and explorative electro-pop melody, I was mesmerised by her vocal track and effect here. In this track, she adds a deep layer of vocal effect that reminds me so much of singers like Enya. I’m not sure that was her goal, but it made the track sound absolutely incredible. And this is how I feel she transports the listener through time and space.

Hydra not only creates amazing music, but her music videos are incredible, and worth watching. I was blown away by the music video for her “Reckless” track, which was self-directed.

She has two dates left in her most recent tour, still playing in Liverpool (08/10) and Norwich (20/10). And I love the idea of her finishing her tour at her home-town.

I just keep hoping these stories keep happening more and more. It was the love of music that allowed me to listen to this incredibly talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. So I can keep hoping for more stories like these – and more music from Hydra!