Jessie Ware Glasshouse

One of the greatest privileges of sharing a life with Raquel Sol a.k.a. The London Ginger is that I discover incredible music. Proud an owner of an 80Gb iPod for years (which she still uses), her personal library of music and music-related knowledge is inspiring.

And the artist of this review, Jessie Ware, is another great example of music The London Ginger introduced to me.

Her latest album release – “Glasshouse” – is yet another priceless work of art. She travels seamlessly through styles, different ranges, melodies, and lyrics. Her album is a true rhapsody of melody and lyrics.

This is another album that I absolutely recommend listening to from start to finish. But I wanted to mention some of my favourite highlights.

Midnight” kicks off the album, and it is an homage to R&B. Gorgeous vocals, smooth bass marking the steady rhythm, laying on top of a bed of vintage keyboards.

Stay Awake, Wait For Me” shows how her voice is almost incomparable. The light jazz and R&B melody of this song give room for her to travel from a soft whisper to powerful vocals.

Your Domino” is a little more pop, with a touch of electronic and claps that remind me of artists such as Lorde and Disclosure. Absolutely worth listening, especially to see how a lyric can fit perfectly inside the webs of a melody.

And my final highlight would be “Selfish Love” – a track with a Latino/Cuban touch, that you instinctively feel like getting a partner and dance.

A perfect album!

Speaking of dancing – time for me to ask mine if she’d like to dance…