Original from Australia, Julian Wa is characterised as an enigma. Who is Julian Wa? – asks a local Melbourne radio station.

While his persona is embedded in mystery, his music can take you through a beautiful journey of avant-garde pop.

His self-titled debut album “Julian Wa” came out in 2017, and since then has been gaining more and more fans and listeners.

On August 24, Julian Wa released their latest single – “Bloom” – which includes two amazing tracks – “Bloom” and “Frankensteina” – fully produced and recorded by Julian Wa – which always amazes me. And I can’t help being captivated by how incredible the creation process must have been.

Bloom” is moved by a beautiful acoustic guitar infused into a deep and long room effect, with a psychedelic feel to it. And this psychedelic feeling is followed by a folk and pop rhythm that has really captivated all my senses.

The voice in this track is absolutely beautiful, and like the guitar, it’s filled by a perfect room effect. The sensation is almost like the voice is swimming in the melody.

There is a short acoustic guitar solo at the end that complements the track perfectly!

And one of my favourite parts of this track is a quick interlude towards the end when the track slowly fades away and comes back at the same pace. Gorgeous!

Frankensteina” is a short track that again transports you through an instrumental journey, with a very distant voice in the background (very far away). The mix of instruments, sounds and rhythms in this track is so compelling you can keep it looping in your player – or in your head.

I’ve only recently discovered Julian Wa, but their last album was absolutely amazing! And after this single, all I can say is that I will keep looking forward to new material – all while the quest continues to find out “Who is Julian Wa?”