As I’ve said many times, I’m in a privileged position. New music is published all the time, but being able to write about music, give me the opportunity to listen to such an amazing ray of talented artists, that I might have missed before.

Hailing from Leicester, UK, Louise Steel has such an amazing voice that she instantly had a new fan. From the first song I listened from her album “Heartstorm”, I was amazed, blown away. I still remember listening on the train, and from the first few notes she sang, I was hooked. This is the power of her voice and songwriting.

One incredibly interesting aspect of this album is the creation, production and recording process behind it. A production company from Malaysia – Big A Productions – got in touch with Louise and their producer Anthony Noel Yap helped make the album happen, while Mohd Fadzil managed and liaised between musicians and Louise.

So most of the instrumental elements of the album where recorded abroad, with a collection of musicians from Malaysia, a few from the USA, and some parts from Japan. This is the power of technology and how music can connect the world.

Because this album counts with an amazing array of musicians, I feel it is only fair to mention their names: so we have Matt Data (drums), Omma Akira (guitar), Lan Alias (guitar), Anuar (guitar and bass), Shahril Che’en (bass), Jolynn Lee (piano and keyboards), all of these musicians from Malaysia.

Paul Olstad (guitar) and Dave Rucci (backing vocals) recorded from the USA, while Hiroyuki Kinoshita (bass) recorded in Japan.

And a final, very special mention to Andrew Dunmore, Louise’s partner who co-wrote some of the songs and also played keyboards in some of the tracks.

So – on to the album!

Her album “Heartstorm” kicks off with the song “Can’t Be Cool” which is also the main single. An incredible guitar riff, with an amazing rock feel – I would even say with a hint of southern rock feel – opens the track to introduce the listener to the smooth and perfectly-tuned voice of Louise Steel. And it’s not long until the smooth voice reaches its full potential. This song has such an amazing rhythm and lyrics that you are instantly singing along. Powerful rock chorus, combined with a great voice!

And for an even cooler experience of Louise Steel’s music, this single has also a great video clip that you can see on YouTube!

Queen of Daggers” brings to light the heavy side of her rock music. Starting with a piano, a heavy guitar riff, and combined with a double-bass drum, this track slightly reminds me of bands like Evanescence. A heavy rock song, but in this song you can listen to Louise Steel reach incredibly high notes, in perfect tune. After I listen to these two songs for the first time, I keep hoping I can see her live soon! She has easily joined the list of my favourite singers!

Pedestal” is the first slow track on the album. There are still elements of heavy rock but at a slower pace. A beautiful piano marks the first part of the song, soon followed by heavy riffs on the guitar. In this song, not only through the lyrics, but you can feel in Louise’s voice that she is pouring her heart out. It’s beautiful.

Imperfect Fit” is more upbeat. It brings a little country feel, with an amazing acoustic guitar moving the song. This track has beautiful lyrics and telling how love makes us notice the little things about each other, and “imperfections” are always perfect. This song has a brilliant acoustic clip on YouTube, with the perfect country scenery.

Armoured Heart” shows Louise’s pop/rock side. The guitar riff and effect reminds me of U2 and the works of The Edge. I absolutely love how the bass completes this tracks steady movement. And, yet again, her lyrics are brilliant and so positive, reminding us to see the best in things, and remove our defences. There are so many amazing things out there.

Sagittarius (Star-Crossed Lover Blues)” as the name correctly says, it’s a brilliant blues track. The piano and guitar blues scales are so perfect! The chorus is a little more on the rock side, however, this track is completely underplayed by a blues rhythm. And I absolutely love the guitar solo in this song. But the best part of this song is that, just before the solo, you absolutely believe the song is over, and it kicks back with the perfect blues solo – and the recording sounds like the blues greats. Absolutely brilliant recording and mixing!

Hide and Seek” is a classic rock song, underlined with a gorgeous orchestrated section. Listen carefully, and you’ll be amazed at how brilliantly composed this entire melodic part of the track is. There a few pauses in this track there are just perfect. Exactly where you would and wouldn’t expect.

I Love You Honey (Til You Run out of Money)” has such great lyrics – as you can imagine by the title. A heavy rock song, it kicks off to an overdubbed guitar playing an amazing riff, and combined with the drums, it reminded me of Iron Maiden double (or sometimes triple) guitars. This song also brings back the double-bass drums. And it’s right before the solo, that a quick riff on guitar and the complemented drum fill, brought me back to my first listens of Dream Theatre. All I can say is that her band is amazing!

Dangerous Seduction” again reminds me of a southern rock feel – including some of my favourites, Pride & Glory, Black Stone Cherry, and others. I absolutely love the drum fills in this track, as well as the guitar riffs. The work the band made in this album I cannot emphasise enough how brilliant it is.

Red Hot City”, the last song on the album, I would describe like a perfect song for the road, with an open-top car. The bass guitar is so perfect and keeps this song moving at a steady pace, all while the guitar riffs and solo bring out the rock and roll. Drums and piano complement this already brilliant track. Not to mention the incredible solo – extremely fast and challenging.

Such a perfect way to close an album, leaving the listener with this burning desire for more. After this track, you keep wishing for an encore. The track even finishes with a guitar solo and drums on cymbals!

As I mentioned, Louise has an extremely powerful voice, fun and engaging and successful videos on YouTube! I look forward to having a chance of seeing her live! And, of course, for any new material, she might release soon!