I remember the first time I listened to this EP. Music fans out there must have felt this many times through their lives. When the first few notes already grips you. It’s like taking that first bite on something you haven’t eaten before, and it’s just perfect. You almost wish it never ends. This is how I felt the first time I listened to “Daydreamer” by Lunar Bird.

Although I am, once again, very delayed with this review (I first wanted to write this piece just under a year ago), I have listened to this EP so many times, it is part of my personal listening playlist.

Lunar Bird first formed in the south of Italy by Roberta Musillami (Vocals/Synth) and Eliseo Di Malto (Bass). However, the duo soon moved to Cardiff, where they were joined by two amazing Welsh musicians – Francis George on synths/vocals and Jacob Moseley, who joined as their new drummer.

Created as a space pop band, their long artistic journey through various projects and experiments led them to their debut EP “Daydreamer”. The EP was recorded and mixed at Sudestudio by Stefano Manca – and it’s a brilliant work of art. Although I absolutely love writing, I find myself out of words to describe this incredible EP.

The first track “Dream #7” brings Roberta’s voice in the first few notes. I was immediately captivated and flying in this amazing dream. The way the synth drives the melody of this song, and dancing around the steady pace of the bass. Not to mention the drums, with such perfect sound and incredibly well mixed by the recording engineer Stefano Manca. The combination created in the melodic composition of this song give it its very deserving title of “dream” – a title which I’m incredibly curious about its origin! The lyrics also highlight the dream-like state of the track:

“Two silver full moons/Mirroring each other”.

And – I must also say that the voice line, not only lends you a guiding hand through this dream, but it also sews itself into the fabric of this beautiful song.

Riding a Kite”, the second track on the EP adds a small hint of folk to the repertoir, but the psychedelic dream pop from outer space is still predominant:

“Oh, what a dream! / Without the gravity / Chaining our feet / To our fears and distrust / Oh, only you and I / Riding a kite / Why are you so alone?”

However, one of the main elements I love about this song is that on this track allows us to listen the range of Roberta’s voice. Although effects are present on her voice track (as it is throughout the EP), on this particular track, the true power of voice is so present that it is impossible not to just take a deep dive with this track…and enjoy!

Golden Head” – the third track on the EP – immediately screams “SOUNDTRACK” to me. I’ve always been a huge fan of soundtracks (and got even more after meeting my wife – AKA, The London Ginger – she basically developed her incredible musical knowledge and library through soundtracks), and this track, just from the opening synth, I could see it as part of so many movies. It is so perfect to listen as the synth dances with the bass. Not to mention the parts where they break the track in odd tempos.

Also – this track, towards the end, has a beautiful vocal play, between backing vocals and main, once again creating this dance without gravity.

The last track – “Six Dumb Dull Eyes”, takes you through this psychedelic trip, especially through its synth movement. It almost feels like a guitar, with a constant slider, taking you up and down, as if you are trying to concentrate on the slight hallucination you are going through.

The lyrics to this track evoke the idea of a panel of judges, giving origin to the title of this track. And it takes me through this journey where I am trying to present to this panel, but my concentration is broken by this incredible trip I’m living – as if reality eludes me:

“Six dumb dull eyes / Witnesses and judges / To my forgetfulness”

Lunar Bird is supported by BBC Introducing. And I only hope this is just the beginning of a brilliant career. Not only their music is amazing, but if you have the opportunity of following them on social media, their visual identity is gorgeous.

The band initially thought about releasing another EP to follow this amazing work. However, they have since decided to develop and release a full album in 2019 (which is already recorded!!), and I personally cannot wait for the incredible material it will be. Material which I will cover with an amazing review!

While I wait, I will just restart the EP here and dive in to another journey. Who knows – it might not only take me on a journey through space – hopefully through time as well. This way their next album will be here sooner!