It is such a pleasurable challenge to stretch my own vocabulary as I try to explain what it means to me listening to Lunar Bird. Fulfilment. Purity. Just a couple of words that come to mind when I’m listening to the beauty that is their melodic and vocal work.

Just as a brief recap on the band before talking about their new single, “Siren Scales”, that is launching today – Lunar Bird first formed in the south of Italy by Roberta Musillami (Vocals/Synth) and Eliseo Di Malto (Bass). However, the duo soon moved to Cardiff, where they were joined by two amazing Welsh musicians – Francis George on synths/vocals and Jacob Moseley, who joined as their new drummer.

In an earlier review, I talked about their first EP, “Daydreamer”. It was a transcendent experience listening to their music, and I still find myself listening to that EP. All the more reason I cannot wait for this new single to be available everywhere – so I can have it on my playlist and listen to it over and over again.

Their latest single, rings so true to how they describe themselves – as a space pop band. The effects used on the drums, keys and bass take you through a beautiful journey in to infinity, where there are no limits to dreams and sounds. I was especially focused on the bass – the sound is so intriguing, and so vintage, that it almost feels like it leaves between melody and percussion.

Now, on to the voice work. I can only describe it like a dance. Roberta’s voice dances through the waves of notes, and the delay and reverb effects only adds to the delightful feeling this track brings.

Finally, the element that really ties this song to its sensation of infinity are the lyrics: “Down by the water sirens sing their plainchant / Brushing your ears until your heart is covered in silvery scales”. This is definitely a band I love to dive into their lyrics – they are true poetry.

I’m so honoured to make this review. I keep hoping to listen more and more from this band. And I am so anxious that along with this track, they are releasing a music video that – from the stills they released, looks incredible. Please, keep taking me along your next dreams. Lunar Bird is fulfilment. Its purity.