Whenever writing or talking about Muse, I cannot refrain myself from adding a personal touch to their review. Although a late discovery in my life (having actually gone to a concert of theirs without knowing a single song), I strongly believe them to be a band that will be fully comprehended and appreciated as it deserves only years from now. Much like Mozart, although enjoyed in their time, their true genius will be listened to only in the future.

Now – to the album itself. After an incredible and perfect release as The 2nd Law was in 2012, with challenging backing vocals, and amazing brass work, this latest album failed to deliver the band’s exquisite quality.
With a clear influence from Rush, Yes and even Genesis (the song “Reapers” is an unmistakable reference to Phil Collins’ drum beat with a Rush progressive guitar immediately following), the experimental line continues, but without much “punch” – that drive that makes you feel the need to listen to Muse – as if in need to fill a gap in your day or as to give a soundtrack/meaning to real life.

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