Natalie Lucie

Music has a strong power. It boosts our feelings, happy or sad. It makes us dance, move our feet, move our heads. Or if you are the shy type, maybe a snap of the fingers. Growing up, I had the privilege of listening to a huge variety of artists – and I might be repeating myself here – but I am drawn by amazing lyrics.

It makes me amazingly happy to add Natalie Lucie to my growing list of artists that not only produce beautiful melodies, but they take the opportunity to tell a story – to pour their hearts, to share happy or sad moments – and maybe, just maybe, change a life.

Natalie Lucie is a Bristol-based singer with an amazingly soothing voice (as well as a photographer and a loving mother) who recently released her debut EP – “Easy To Love”.

The first track of the album – along with a few more I reviewed from previous artists – will be part of a longer and deeper article I want to release regarding music and feminism. “Hands Off” is such an important and empowering song that I have been telling a lot of people about this song. “I said it, you heard it, now take your hands off / My body, I say no, it should be enough / Not looking for trouble, not trying to kickoff / I’m just saying take your hands off”. Absolutely brilliant!

Natalie Lucie
Natalie Lucie

The song takes us through a typical women’s night out. It’s an important reminder that like any other human being, we all want our time, our space and peace. Being out, using whatever outfit, does not mean an invite for harassment. After all – lets at least pretend like we are evolved human beings living in 2018.

The Man” follows with a beautiful life story. I am still astounded by how easily she managed to tell a full story, crossing through generations of dreamers. Sometimes our dreams are shattered by life, by pressure, and many other reasons. But this song reminds us that, even if our dreams have to be pushed aside, life gives opportunities to inspire others. And that we have a chance to make another life different, to help others with their dreams – and that is just as beautiful. Others have dreams – your son, daughter, friends, family. Those who you help, will not forget it.

But rather than read my ramblings, I would suggest: go listen to this song. It’s perfect.

The third song of the EP – “Easy To Love” is a gorgeous love song. Loving someone means going through ups and downs. Natalie reminds us that no matter the challenge, that special person will always be easy to love. They will be there to push you from below, to lift you even higher and to share pains, tears, kisses and hugs. And the fact that this song is only voice and piano, makes it all the more beautiful.

Checkmate” is the last song on the EP. Another marvellous song on voice and piano. This time the love song talks about the dreaded lover quarrel. When we argue, we can get over our heads. We all do. And Natalie shares with us a beautiful song that reminds us all – two wrongs do not make a right. Whenever arguing with those we love, an attack is never the best option. It’s never about winning: “When you say I’m wrong, it doesn’t make you right”.