As someone who writes reviews, I’m constantly listening to music. Almost every minute of every day, with the possible exception of the occasional podcast (usually something related to music as well).

To all music lovers out there, we know that music allows us to mix our senses. It triggers memories, smells, a feeling. And music allows us to travel through time. A powerful and unique time machine. And this review touch specifically on this subject.

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to listen to Neil and Adam – a duo from St. Louis, Missouri, with a very interesting background. Neil McCloskey’s cousin and godfather was the road band drummer for megastar country singer Reba McEntire – while Adam Hilligardt’s father was a songwriter for Motown in the 1970’s. Music was in their heart and blood.

In this review’s intro, I mention time traveling. While listening to this incredible duo, Neil and Adam allowed me to go back in time. Back in my pre-teen years, while still at home with the parents, I remember waking up during most of our weekends (almost religiously on every Saturday), to my dad listening to loud music at home. Of course, as a music enthusiast, I would happily join him. I’m not much of a morning person, but those days were incredible. And Neil and Adam’s music remind me so much of what my dad used to listen. Since he is still young, I was able to share this story and music with him.

Now, on to the music!

Their debut single, “Everything Is Alright”, has amazing lyrics. Such a positive message, and in perfect match with what the duo believes, having once said: “We love reaching people through our music, and understand the importance of music in people’s lives”. And I absolutely agree with their pre-chorus: “No matter what you look like / everything is alright”. A perfect indie rock song, including the brilliant touch of a banjo solo.

Neil and Adam

WalkAway” has a very interesting touch to the voice. Right in the beginning, the voice overdub reminds me so much of what Phil Collins does in his music. And it’s definitely one of the characteristics that made him so unique. And this song allows you to get a feel for the duo singing together. It works so well, that the song allows listeners to mix even more senses – transcending reality.

I wanted to make mentions also to two other songs I really loved from the duo. “Oil Fire” has such a beautiful harmony between voice and piano. Right at the beginning of the song, it almost seems like they are talking to each other and completing each other sentences. And finally “Leave This Town” (Acoustic version) tells a beautiful story of past love, all through a perfect nuance of voice and acoustic guitar.

Their music can really be a soundtrack to any day of your life.

To our UK readers, I’d like to mention that although they are a four-time awarded duo in Pop, Rock, Folk and Americana genres, from the Akademia Music Awards in the US, their debut single aired in British television during the ITV show “This Morning”. So, we can hopefully expect a gig here in the UK.

I really cannot wait for new music from this brilliant duo. But, while I wait, this is yet another set of songs that you can find in loop on my music player.