Odonis Odonis

Sometimes you come across genres so specific and niche that you get amazed just thinking about it. This is the case of the Toronto original trio Odonis Odonis. Classified as EBM Coldwave Industrial post-punk electronic, this band has really captivated me.

Their latest release, No Pop, is their dance-floor-friendly album and it received its name from the “No Pop movement” which is explained through a manifesto published by a blogger called Lonely Vagabond, and it stipulates the movement as “Not Popular — anti-commercial, non-chart-friendly, also inferring there is no expiration date on music nor is it limited by geographic or regional boundaries” — in other words, Odonis Odonis views their album as universal and timeless. Which is absolutely true.

I must warn that it involves a lot of heavy “hard-hitting industrial techno and noise”, as the band itself says. But as a listener who enjoys the work of Death Grips, I’m no stranger to noise (incidentally, this is one of the band’s favourites according to their Facebook page).

In fact, if you’d like to get a feel for this album, I’d recommend listening to the track “Nasty Boy” — or even watching the music video. The video perfectly embodies the overall essence of this album, heavy, bold, dark and amazing. But this album does tell a story — it has its unique flow.

Well…I’m off to listen to some more timeless music.