Room For Zero

I love music. I absolutely love writing about it and I wholeheartedly wish I could do this more often! And bands such as Room For Zero are the reason I love what I do so much.

Discovering new music is one of my biggest passions. What an amazing discovery they were.

Absolute quality, not only as a band, but an impeccable recording and mixing as well.

This Cincinnati-based band, who has played alongside Florence + The Machine, Maps and Atlases, Of Monsters And Men, are a brilliant indie rock quartet composed of Ian Ford in lead vocals/guitar, Michael Stubbs in vocals/guitar, Chris Harding on Bass/Guitar and Aaron Cunningham on drums.

Their latest EP, launched in 2017, named “You Used To Say I’m The Only One” kicks off with the song that named the album. A brilliant drum fill is always a beautiful way to start any song, or any album (can you tell I used to be a drummer?). Pushed by a Ska rhythm, this song reminds me of my favourite bands from my late teens – Red Hot Chili Peppers, a touch of early Incubus. And of course, a powerfully driven rock and roll to end the song. Nothing like starting slow, just to push the peddle in the end. Just amazing!

This song is followed by my favourite track of the EP – “Death Of Cold”. Now this one immediately brought Arctic Monkeys to mind. Not only because of the steady beat of drums but by the groove of the bass and slow pluck of guitar string – almost like a percussive soundtrack to the song. Not to mention the “river flow” movement of vocals. This song is absolute perfection!

Room For Zero
Room For Zero

Seabird” is almost a vocal calling card. Ian Ford presents with ease his incredible vocal talent. A slow yet steady rhythm brought by the drums and melody guitars – with perfect moments of guitar sliders, adding up to a desert soundtrack mood (and I do love when a song is able to set not only the mood but also the scenery).

Leather and Pearls” on the other hand starts with incredible fast-paced drum fills by Aaron Cunningham. Short leading guitar solos keep the song at a fast pace – and once again reminding me of Arctic Monkeys.

It Was Not a Mistake” is a playful song. Kick drums and bass play the same methodic movement in the intro and main verses, which is quickly replaced by a steady rock guitar in the chorus.

The EP ends with the beautiful song “Chances”. An anthem filled guitar plays slow notes, while a melodic guitar sets the mood, over a lovely bed of kick drums and bass with long delay and large room sounds. I’ve seen incredible pictures of them playing in cathedral-like venues, and this song must sound absolutely gorgeous in this natural environment.

Here is another band that I will keep hoping this review helps get noticed by the right people here in the UK and Europe. They are incredibly brilliant and I would truly love the opportunity to catch them live. If not here, I hope to soon travel across the Atlantic and watch of few of my favourite new bands.

In the meantime…I’ll keep listening to this amazing EP…over and over again…