Ryan Adams - 1989

In many aspects we know that Rock music and Country have similar origins, similar instruments and a reasonable crossover in terms of style. In fact, there is a very fine line that divides the two genres – just enough to make the difference. And we all know that does limit itself to music (religion, nationalities…) – but I shall not dare to dabble in such matters. Though my reasons will seem clear enough.

Ryan Adams, a fully established rock star has covered – from cover to cover – Taylor Swift’s album “1989” (Ryan’s version was released 21 September, after many released snippets and much talk about it), keeping the same title, and altering a few lyrics to create a “heterossexual male” point of view.

The reason behind my statement above was just to mention how curious it is that, as Taylor Swift makes her way towards a pop life, slowly leaving the country star image, here comes Ryan Adams to the rescue to remind us all that, although she has started this shift, her music is for everyone, only needing very few tweaks (and a great composer and arranger as he is – but that is a minor detail) to bring the rock/country style to the music.

Now – to the album (I might take this as my catch frase – seems that I make this introduction to my review, all leading to “now – to the album”). Just beautiful. The melodies, the arrangements, the manor in which he included acoustic instruments, a delicate piano in many of the songs to bring the heart and soul that already exists in the original version. Some are slow and melodic, and some move like rock and roll should – like the song “Style” which has a true rock move and feel to it.

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