Spoon - Hot Thoughts

I must confess. I feel embarrassed to say that I have never heard Spoon before. By that I mean that I have never voluntarily selected a song from them on any of my music streaming selections or purchased an album by them. They have been part of soundtracks to movies I’ve seen in the past, such as “(500) Days of Summer”, and the 2015 “Poltergeist” remake (especially being a horror movie fan that I am), so I have listened to them at some point.

It was once again one of those bittersweet moments in life. On one hand, I felt like I should listened to the at some point because their music is incredible. On the other, it was such a delightful discovery that I cannot stop listening to everything they’ve done until now. And a band that has already released nine albums so far, it gives you enough material to enjoy days of great music.

If there is one thing that I enjoy in a band is their ability to mature. A band that learns more about who they are and challenge their ability to make music with every album is beautiful. I strongly believe that is the case with Spoon. With every album they’ve changed just enough for us to listen to their progress.

The latest album, entitled “Hot Thoughts” demonstrates not only their maturity, but their ability to learn and get inspired from their contemporaries. It is very easy to see influence from other bands. And although I haven’t read anything to that affect from the band, I think these references are close to unmistakable.

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