Verity White

I have mentioned this before. I’m a huge fan of Verity White. Her powerful voice and lyrics always amaze me. There are so many strong female singers in rock history, and Verity is quickly paving her way towards this list. With her spectacular voice, she is already on my top list of singers.

Breaking Out” is her first full album release. And what a way to start.

The album kicks off (almost literally with kick drums) with the title song named after the album – “Breaking Out”. I believe I’ve also mentioned this before in my reviews – but one of the most important aspects of an album is the set list. Much like creating a mixtape (that brings me back), the order is very important. And this song really sets not only the rhythm for the whole album but also presents Verity’s powerful voice and lyrics.

Don’t defy me / I know I’m better by myself” – just a small example of powerful lyrics, that drives the first song.

This album brings a new element not really present in her past recordings. Electronic instruments are part of a few songs – which is an everlasting element of rock, ever since the days of Pink Floyd, Yes and many others.

Demons In Your Head” is a great example of what the electronic elements bring to this album. It starts with an almost eerie synthesiser, only adding to this song’s story. The chorus is what I see as Verity’s essence – a strong rock’n’roll feel, with lyrics “they may win the battle / but they’ll never win the war”. Yet another example of the power behind her lyrics. And one of my favourite parts of this song is the bridge. I really love the interaction between synthesiser, an off-beat kick-drum, and hi-hat.

I Don’t Care” has a perfect voice overdub and backing vocals. Not to mention the clever use of a distorted voice just before the second chorus. And soon after her explosive second chorus, the main vocals and backing vocals become almost a conversation. It is amazing when you get to see how beautifully this song was built.

Exhale” is another one of the perfect singles of this album. The movement of voice and melody is almost as if there is a natural flow to the song – only to arrive in an enormous waterfall in the form of a chorus: “I’m stronger than you think / and my how you have grown / just take a breath and dive / into the deep unknown”. All, of course, pushed by powerful guitar chords and her amazing voice.

Whenever I listen to her music, I look more and more forward to the opportunity of interviewing her. It would be amazing to have an opportunity to have a glimpse of the story of these lyrics.

One last song I would like to mention from this album is “Snow Fall”. This song, yet again, reminds me of a small influence from Jewel. I mentioned this in my last review on Verity White. And although it is quite easy to include both in the same category of “female singers with incredible voice”, I feel almost as if there is something more there.

Verity White recently made a tour through a few cities in the UK. I wish I could have gone to the show that happened in London, but I was unable, unfortunately.

However, if you would like to catch a glimpse of her amazing voice – live – be sure to check her YouTube channel. Trust me – you will be truly impressed by how impressive she is live. And be sure to visit Patreon page, where you can sponsor one of many available tiers – with very special treats in each level and further help her career.

Don’t forget to mention to Verity how much of a fan of her music you are on Twitter or Instagram! I can guarantee she will have a positive and happy reply to your comment.

Can’t wait for her to be back on the road – hopefully I get to catch her next live gig! While I wait – “Breaking Out” is on repeat.