Life is not always easy. Each one of us finds mechanisms and means to make it through the day when things get tough. And if there is a powerful way to express any type of feeling, that is art. In this case, music. You can share so much not only through lyrics but also through melody, making each note tell a story.

I’ve been privileged to review so many of Verity White’s music. I’m such a huge fan, not only of her voice but also the way she expresses herself and uses music to share her life with her fans. And if you follow her social media, she is always sharing part of her day, rehearsals and upcoming material.

Today, 5 October, she launches such a beautiful song, that I can only say I am beyond honoured to be able to write about it.

This new song, titled “Fade Away” talks about loss. In early 2018, Verity one of her best friends to cancer, and this song speaks about this pain. It is so beautiful to learn that Verity decided to write this song, not only as means to express these difficult emotions but also as a way to connect with others who share or have lived through this. In her own words, she says “there are so many questions you’re left with and such a sense of emptiness, I hope this reaches those who need it and they feel less alone”.

Fade Away” is a moving rock-balled, starting with slow guitar notes, which is quickly joined by the rest of the band in a powerful song, matching the strength of Verity’s voice. As I mentioned in the beginning, you can express so much through lyrics (which are absolutely perfect in this track), but there is so much you can share through melody and notes. And when you listen to this song, you can feel her pain, you can feel her heart pouring into this song, reaching out to everyone who is there to listen.

And speaking of lyrics – all the words in this song are perfect as I mentioned, but in just two sentences, she translates her feeling: “I’m holding on so tightly, as I watch you fade away”.

This song has an slightly out of tempo interlude, which complements an already amazing track perfectly. Almost a subliminal message of how life is not always on beat.

If you haven’t had the privilege of listening to Verity White before, I guarantee that this song will move you enough to become an instant fan.

Alongside this beautiful song, she also released a gorgeous video, that you can watch on YouTube!

I would also love this opportunity to congratulate this amazing artist for her second-year nomination for “Best Female Artist” from Radio WIGWAM! She continues to impress not only me but thousands of listeners in the world!

If you have a moment, listen to this song and share her message!