Verity White Reclaim Set Fire Album Cover

I still remember when I first started this blog. I remember dreaming of the day I would have the pleasure of reviewing music from indie artists. These pure musical souls that lend us their mind, heart and guts to express their passion for such a beautiful art form.

Verity White was one of the first artists that gave me this privilege. And when I heard the first notes on her EP “Too Much/ Look Inside” and her single “Stripped Bare” I was so blown away by her voice, that I couldn’t wait to write about it. I was nervous about what she (and the readers) might think of my words, but I’m still very happy with the result.

It has been a couple of years and here I am, with the great opportunity to write a fourth review on this brilliant artist. I just wanted to point out one last personal note here – I’m reserving my (very delayed) first interview for her. So keep an eye – hopefully that will happen soon.

Verity and her amazing band play a powerful 90s rock that is so close to my heart. And her latest album – “Reclaim; Set Fire” – feels yet more powerful than her previous work. I feel that with each new album, she allows herself to take yet another daring step towards incredible rock and roll. 

Also, one other compliment I would add to this album is the sound quality. And at no point, I’m saying that her previous work was not up to very high standards. But when listening and comparing to previous work, there is definitely a growing quality to her sound.

She kicks off in full strength with “Come and Get It”. And this is already an example of what I mentioned – in her previous album – “Breaking Out”, she starts heavy, but with a slower pace. Here, she brings it all in, showing what she is here for. Amazing rock!

An incredible guitar riff, cymbals-lead chorus – just strong and powerful. And yet, during the verses, the guitar notes interlock with a slightly complex drum line. But the main ingredient is always Verity’s voice. It is always such a beautiful privilege to listen to a band with such gorgeous sync.

The second track, “Heartstorm” is still haunting me – what is the time signature here? It is so incredible how the first few bars are so complex. So, so beautiful. I promise this will be part of my interview – I’m passionate about odd time signatures in songs (especially when you grow up listening to Dream Theater). 

But the time signature is not the only amazing element here. The time signature only adds to the sweetness of this track. A beautiful work of guitar riffs, alternating between perfect notes and heavy chords, as well as complexity from the drums and bass. And this track has one of my favourite things from Verity – when she moved between a melodic to a heavy singer. This track brings out so much of the amazing singer she is!

Turn This Up” starts with a powerful kick – Verity and heavy rock at its best! But one element that is perfect here is the overdrive on the bass line. Following the same lines, guitar and bass walk side by side, but this overdrive sound during the verses is so gorgeous. And I love a track that brings out a powerful bass.

Inside Your Love” starts slower, with an amazing guitar melody. The powerful chorus is there – as well as an amazing guitar solo (which is, unfortunately, harder and harder to find today). And this track highlights Verity’s great overdub work. The mix allows you to listen to many vocal lines, creating a beautiful vocal layer, almost as if there was a vocal choir in the background.

Wild” is an acoustic guitar track – just voice and guitar. When I first listened, it reminded me of some of the great acoustic rock and roll tracks from bands like Halloween, Iron Maiden, and others. And once again, the backing vocals here are of classical beauty. There are two pauses in this track that almost feels like it is over, only to return with heartfelt beauty.

Push It Down” begins with a more steady pace – a simple rock and roll beat, only to be brought up in the chorus – but one little detail I fell in love in this track, being a drummer myself, is the very first notes on the drums – played without a high-hat, just waiting to begin on the second verse. I’m passionate about these small bits that I know were carefully thought out.

Goodbye, You’ll See” has some amazing lyrics on freedom – I almost feel like using this track to avenge any pain I’ve ever felt – to rid myself from someone who has hurt me, even if that was me.

Listen Up!” – such an amazing, amazing, amazing, complex opening. The almost note by note play between guitar and drums already makes you stop in your tracks. And in this track, just before the chorus, the guitar follows the vocal melodic lines. Just incredible how many elements and layers this track has.

Overload” brings yet another play with the time signature. This band was so inspired when writing this album that shows how much they are willing to take this to the second level. And Verity’s voice here has effects elements, incredible loops and beautiful overdubs, which makes me so excited about the day I get to see them live.

Feel This” is the last track of this album, and it starts with a deep and beautiful piano melody. Verity once again fills the room with her voice, making the song, which is only her and the piano sound so complete that you don’t want anything else. And the end here brings out so many feelings. I want to share this song with somebody, side-by-side – I’m not sure yet if we’ll be dancing or just enjoying the moment in a nice cosy sofa.

Verity White is just amazing. She is the artist that makes me chase new adjectives because her work is so perfect that I feel such a lack of words when writing that a review might take a lot longer than I would like. But I love every minute of it because it is a reason to listen to her complete playlist yet again.

This cat-loving, social-media-engaging, lovely person has once again been nominated for a Best Female Artist Award from Wigwam Radio for the third time – she is the first artist to achieve this on this award. This is incredibly well-deserved!

And this review is coming out just in time for her upcoming tour for this album that kicks off on 4 October in Sheffield. I hope to be able to catch her in London on the 11th.

Finally – I have to mention that on her website, you can sign up to a “backstage pass” package where you can access a list of benefits, discounts and treats. I will definitely join because her band is amazing.

And now – back to trying to figure out that time signature. All the more reason to listen to this band.