Verity White

I love a strong lead female voice. It was only recently that I listened to Verity White, and I can easily say I am already an absolute fan. Her voice range and dynamics are just wonderful, and with every song I listen to (in repeat now), I become more and more impressed.

“Too Much” and “Look Inside” were the first songs I listened. I’m a huge fan of classic rock (and basically grew up on it), and these tracks have such a perfect embodiment of it. Steady guitar riffs, melodically arranged keyboards, all pushed by soothing vocals – that grow powerfully when you get to the chorus.

Her next singles, released mid 2017 on the EP name “Stripped Bare”, acoustic guitars and pianos come up to the front of the stage, and the classic rock feel is taken over by indie rock built to perfection.

“Raise You Up” starts with such perfectly recorded sounds that it would be the envy of many engineers. And if I was already a fan of her voice, this song kicks off with such a perfect vocal range, reminding me powerful voices like Andrea Corr (The Corrs) and Jewel. Not only it is possible to feel the full range, but the way she sustains her notes is just gorgeous.Verity White | Photo by CK Goldiing

“Don’t Underestimate Me” – I not only love the guitar melody of this song, but the lyrics are amazing – “I’m a woman, so don’t underestimate me” – perfect words that we all should listen to – especially at this day and age.

“From The Light” starts with a beautiful piano melody, soon accompanied by Verity’s soothing voice, while acoustic guitars and percussion soon follow. I get a slight Irish vibe to this song, especially when strings come in, and once again I am transported to the lovely sound of The Corrs. Such a perfect melody to end an EP.

This London-based indie singer has a great interaction with her fans, especially on Twitter. And there is nothing better than having a chance to get in touch with an artist you are a fan of.

Although she has only released singles and EPs, she is currently promoting a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for an upcoming full album in October 2017. If your reading this review, make sure to give your contribution!

I, for one, can say I cannot wait for this album!

Verity White photo by @CKGoulding